Company Profile

Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd. (VOFL), the flagship company of Vimal Group, was started in 993 with the holy hands of Param Punjay Pramukh Swami Maharaj (Head BAPS), in Mehsana, Gujarat, with a small 50-ton refinery, and today it has evolved into a fully integrated and automatic oil-processing unit with an annual turnover or Rs. 3000 crores, listed with National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

VOFL is always committed to quality and integrity, and that’s what reflects in our products that never fail to delight our customers. With a single goal of offering our customers a superior range of products that they can choose as per their needs. In that quest, we have broadened our business horizons by introducing cottonseed oil, groundnut oil,mustard oil, Soyabean oil, Sunflower oil, Corn oil and table margarine.

Despite the considerable success the company has achieved, it continues to invest substantial resources in exploring and adopting the latest technological advancements in their chosen field. Which is what enables their R&D to constantly come up with new, innovative solutions.

The Manufacturing facility comprises an integrated, continuous plant, set up by Alfa aval. All the packaging is done in-house. In fact the Company has gone in for backward integration, by manufacturing its own packs. Be it Tins, HDPE jars, PET bottles or corrugated boxes. This works out to be very cost-effective, and also retains the product. The products are lab-tested at every stage, staring with the raw material, and ending with final packaging.

Strategic Location

One of the major advantages of VOFL is its strategic location. The company has intentionally set up base in the middle of an oil-seed belt. This way, it is ensured of a regular supply of raw material. Having a port close by is an added plus advantage Finally, its location on a national highway, provides several logistic advantages.


Equal importance is given to the development of the company’s human resource. VOFL has always recruited the best talent available in the industry – people with years f expertise and experience behind them. Moreover, frequent in-house training essions are conducted in all departments – be it Production or Accounts or Sales & Marketing – to not just increase their knowledge base but also improve their skills. This self–reliance not only boosts morale and confidence, but also contributes towards a healthier bottom line.

With the immense experience of the Vimal Group, VOFL has earned a solid reputation
for its vision, entrepreneurial spirit and competitive edge.

But the focus on the commercial aspects of their ventures, has not made the
company lose their human touch. The organization cares for its people, as much as it
does for its products. And when we say ‘people’, we refer to all its stakeholders: the
staff, suppliers, clients, shareholders…all the way to its end-users –the customers,
More so, as their products are meant for human consumption. In fact, VOFL’s motto
has always been to launch brands that will make “Healthy U, Happy U”

The Group has not only expanded its business through integration and market
penetration, but also diversified into various sectors. From edible oils and de-oiled
cakes (of which VOFL is one of the largest exporters) to milk-Products, electrical,
cable & wires, submersible pumps, paints and varnish, wall-floor, vitrified, porcelain
tiles and micro- minerals.