Vimal Refined Sunflower Oil, premium oil, is not just low in saturated fats and high in unsaturated fats but also has a good balance of MUFA & PUFA. It is rich in natural vitamin E & Omega-6, an essential fatty acid vital for the proper functioning of the body. Refined and packed at our state-of-the-art refinery makes it the most preferred oil.

Available Packs
15 Kg Tin
15 L Tin
15 L Jar
5 L Jar (5 x 4)
2 L Jar (2 x 9)
1 L Bottle (1 x 12)
1 L Pouch (1 x 12)

500 Ml Bottle (1 x 24)

Sunflower Seed Oil means the oil obtained from clean and sound sunflower seeds or cake from the plants. Helianthus annums Linn by the method of expression or solvent extraction. It is clear, free from rancidity, suspended or other foreign matter,separated water, added colouring or flavouring substances or mineral oil. It conforms to the following standards:-



Butyro-refractometer reading at 40’C
Refractive Index at 40’C                                
57.1 to 65.0 OR
1.4640 to 1.4691
Saponification value
181 to 194
Iodine Value
100 to 145
Unsaponifiable matter
Not more than 1.5 per cent.
Acid value
Not more than 6.0
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