Vimal Mustard Oil is the ultimate cooking medium extracted from best mustard seeds. The oil is best used in stir-frying and salad dressings. Vimal Mustard Oil has a long shelf like making it a good choice amongst homemakers for myriad culinary uses. Packed at our state-of-the-art Plant makes it the most preferred edible oil.

Available Packs
15 Kg Tin
15 L Tin
5 L Jar (5 x 4)
2 L Jar (2 x 9)
1 L Bottle (1 x 12)
1 L Pouch (1 x 12)
500 Ml Bottle (1 x 24)


Mustard Oil (Sarson ka tel) means the oil expressed from clean and sound mustard seeds, belonging to the compestris, juncea or napus varieties of Brassica. It is clear, free from rancidity ,suspended or foreign matter, separated water, added colouring or flavouring  substances or mineraloil. It conforms to the following standards:-



Butyro-refractometer reading at 40’C
Refractive Index at 40’C                                
58.0 to 60.0 OR
1.4549 to 1.4611
Saponification value
168 to 177
Iodine Value
96 to 112
Unsaponifiable matter
not more than 1.2 per cent by weight
Acid value
not more than 6.0
Bellier test turbidity temp
Acetic acid method
23.0’C to 27.5’C
Test for argemone oil
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